Thursday, December 11, 2008

Best Christmas Card Ever

In the midst of "Christmas card" season for me, I received my favorite
card of all time from my great Uncle Bob and Aunt Susie (affectionately known as UBAS),
and they gave me the okay to share it with all of you.

The top photo of them is from 1940 when they were in first grade together.
The second photo is them "re-creating" the same photo in 2008 :)
Aunt Susie found her outfit at the Goodwill, and Uncle Bob, being a good
midwestern-er, had overalls on hand.

What a great idea! And it's a card that I will always keep.

Love you, Uncle Bob and Aunt Susie... Merry Christmas!


Sarah said...

wow this is amazing! i want to do something like that :)

pam said...

okay, that is the best. anybody out there who marries their 'first love" should remember this for the future! love it!