Friday, July 25, 2008

Rick+Traci Wedding

What a way to start off a blog than with your own sister's wedding!
It was such a perfect day, especially with all of Traci's unique details.

Of course, I don't have too many photos due to my MOH (matron of honor) duties, but here are some fun ones.

getting ready

other moh

beautiful mob (mother of the bride)

stunning bride!

bridesmaid's communication devices

getting the veil on!

now for some dress love

first dance

father/daughter dance... unlike any you've ever seen :)

special dance with pa

note to self: don't buy cake with bright blue icing, esp. on a wedding day!
made for a great picture though!

mom & dad looking dapper

the dolphins

with pa

next up: umatt & jodie!

given some love to my love

and, last but not least... crazy after party at the hotel.
consisted of...

Love you two so much and can't wait to see you back from Hawaii!